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UAS And Honeywell GoDirect Bring UAS LinkEvolution™ To Hongkong Jet


UAS and Honeywell GoDirect bring UAS LinkEvolution™ to Hongkong Jet

Niamh McNamara | - 04/16/2019
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UAS and Honeywell GoDirect bring UAS LinkEvolution™ to Hongkong Jet:UAS International Trip Support and Honeywell are joining forces to provide global connectivity to the business jet fleet of Hongkong Jet with the implementation of UAS LinkEvolution™ for flight services and communication combined with Honeywell GoDirect cabin services for passenger connectivity.

UAS LinkEvolution provides seamless global connectivity to the cockpit using powerful datalink satellite communications networks. The forward-looking datalink solution delivers worldwide ACARS (datalink) service, as well as unlimited access to all worldwide VHF networks, including ARINC and SITA, as well as Inmarsat and Iridium satellite networks. It will also enable Hongkong Jet’s fleet of several Gulfstream G650/G550, Falcon 8X, BBJ’s, and A319ACJ aircraft to keep abreast of datalink regulations and remain compliant, regardless of where the aircraft is flying.

UAS’ technology partner Honeywell is a global leader in the datalink-satellite communications arena, ensuring UAS’ offering is world-class.

The strategic alliance between the two companies originated in May 2017, when UAS International Trip Support and Honeywell ratified a partnership to expand Honeywell’s flight deck and cabin connectivity services through UAS LinkEvolution.

The benefits of using this communications technology include a single-vendor solution for the entire fleet; unlimited datalink communications overall VHF and satellite networks with no per kilobit charges or satellite premiums and reliable, 24/7 technical support, powered by Honeywell.

Omar Hosari, UAS Co-Owner/Founder and CEO said: “UAS is incredibly proud of the success we’ve had in promoting UAS LinkEvolution globally. We have been delivering cost-efficiency and reliability to operators since we began this partnership with Honeywell. We’re delighted to introduce Hongkong Jet’s to this technology and are confident their experience will be overwhelmingly positive. “

“Honeywell GoDirect will provide cabin connectivity service for Hongkong Jet’s fleet, including Inmarsat’s Jet ConneX Ka-Band service that runs on Honeywell’s JetWave terminal,” said John Peterson, Vice President, Service, and Connectivity, Honeywell Aerospace. “GoDirect offers a full suite of cabin connectivity services, along with cabin routers and tools to allow customization of the user experience in the cabin to provide passengers with the connectivity they desire within a set budget. Local technical support in Hong Kong plus GoDirect global technical support team assures customer connectivity issues are addressed quickly and correctly.”

Hongkong Jet stated:UAS LinkEvolution offers a customized and responsive solution to our unique flight deck communication requirements. For us, it was a natural choice to make the switch, both in terms of performance and cost-efficiency. At Hongkong Jet, we pride ourselves on being a well-informed, passionate team of experts who focus our undivided attention on providing business jet owners with a safe, professional, personal and proactive service that allows each aircraft owner to realize the full potential of business jet ownership. Now with the introduction of UAS LinkEvolution services for the flight deck and Honeywell GoDirect cabin connectivity services, we can continue to serve our clients according to our company ethos.”

UAS, Hongkong Jet, and Honeywell at ABACE2019

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