Connecting Aviators with Goals

Connecting Aviators with Goals

Connecting Aviators with Goals: The ICAO Assembly will see representatives from 193 member states and global aviation organizations come together to discuss crucial issues facing the industry and pledge to work together to make positive changes over the coming years. UAS Co-Owner/Founder and CEO, Omar Hosari reflects on the importance of these kinds of industry events.  

The international civil aviation community is about to gather for the 40th ICAO Assembly – the triannual event that connects global aviators through specific aspirational goals. The event will get underway at the International Civil Aviation Organization’s headquarters in Montreal this September 24 to October 4. It’s an important event for the entire aviation industry, as the outcome of this year’s assembly will help determine the priorities of the 193 ICAO member states over the next three years. ICAO gatherings are crucial to global policies and standards.

The ICAO was founded by the United Nations in 1944 with an aim to ensure the growth and expansion of international air transportation are achieved in a safe and calculated way. It encourages the development of civil aviation infrastructure globally, as well as advocating for the needs of the public to have access to secure, efficient, and regulated air transport. It also standardizes certain functions of the airline industry.

This year’s ICAO Assembly will be focusing on many of the major and topical issues facing aviation under the categories of ICAO’s strategic objectives: safety, capacity and efficiency, security and facilitation, economic development, and environmental protection. The success of recent efforts to reduce carbon emissions dramatically by 2050 will be explored in IBAC research due to be submitted at the assembly. The paper will examine the ongoing efforts of the business aviation sector (including fuel manufacturers, suppliers, OEMs, and different organizations) in the promotion of sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). Other issues that will be discussed will be the Global Air Navigation Plan, the Global Aviation Safety Plan, and noise standards for supersonic aircraft. I wish all the delegates attending the ICAO Assembly a greatly productive event.

Omar Hosari’s vision and expertize is central to UAS’ growth from a handful of employees into a global network over the past 18 years. Mr. Hosari is responsible for developing and implementing strategic goals and objectives that contribute to UAS’ position as an industry leader as well as solidify his own reputation as a top aviation expert. In 2018, he was named one of the Best 100 Arab CEOs.