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Tips For The Best Experience At World Cup 2022

Tips for the Best Experience at World Cup 2022

There is universal excitement and anticipation ahead of this year’s World Cup getting underway in Qatar from November 20 until December 18. It will be the first time the Middle East region plays host to the tournament and Qatar has been preparing for its role of host for the past 12 years. Authorities estimate the influx of 1.2 million visitors and a boost of $17 billion to the local economy. No doubt it’s going to be a magnificent event!  
Building A Passion For Aviation In The Next Generation

Building a Passion for Aviation in the Next Generation

Aviation is an essential industry to support and sustain economies and communities, and one whose influence is steadily growing. This is creating more demand for talent in all areas of the industry. Often, people think aviation jobs mean pilot jobs, but an entire range of experts including technicians, dispatchers, mechanics, IT and software developers, planners are needed for robust operations.
• NBAA Advocates For Advanced Air Mobility At The U.S. Senate

NBAA Advocates for Advanced Air Mobility at the U.S. Senate

The findings of a recent Deloitte study showed that advanced air mobility (AAM) has the potential to contribute significantly to the U.S. economy by generating up to $115 billion annually by 2035 and creating more than 280,000 high-paying jobs. This represents an amazing opportunity for lawmakers and innovators to ignite economic growth while providing before unforeseen services in urban and emergency mobility. In light of this, the NBAA has been doing a magnificent job advocating leaders for proper investment in AAM.  
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